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Whenever I’m at my parents’ house, I set aside time to clean up. My family has had hoarding-like tendencies for many years, so there’s never a shortage of items to declutter, put into order, and (if I’m lucky) throw out or give away after they no longer serve a purpose.

For the past month or so, I’ve been working my way through The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories, edited/translated by Jay Rubin and introduced by Haruki Murakami.

Image credit: Penguin Random House

This is a massive (!) collection of stories that covers a diverse range of genres within Japanese literature (both classic and modern)…

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I’m spending my sixth Christmas in eastern Slovakia with my now-fiancée and his family. My soon-to-be mother-in-law comes in and out of the room, scuttling between the bathroom and bedroom to hang laundry to dry on the balcony. She then transfers a tub of boiled potatoes outside in preparation to…

We were sitting on the lower deck, doing our best to stay cool. We had two weeks’ worth of luggage with us, and the two hours ahead of us gave us a chance to take off our massive backpacks and set them at our feet. It was the summer of…

This article marks the end of a five-part series that I’ve written during my time spent on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Want more? Start by reading last week’s post.


In my last entry, I mentioned that I got sunburned during Saturday’s rafting trip. A day later, the…

This is the fourth installment of my weekly journals from Costa Rica. Check out last week’s post here.

9.9. (continued)

This afternoon, a group of five of us went to the Ara Project. The girls and I drove with Victor, who dutifully taxied us up the gigantic hill on top…

Liking this article? Check out my post from last week.


There was another round of bittersweet news in the center today: the opossum that I found died during the night. I didn’t get details on its actual cause of death, but like I said before, it was in pretty…

I’m journaling about my month-long adventure in Costa Rica. Read my first post here.


I need not say much about the first half of the workday at the center. That’s because the real highlight of the day was caring for Biscottina, the JRC’s one and only baby anteater at…

For the next month, I’ll be serving as a volunteer at the Jaguar Rescue Center, a sanctuary and rehabilitation center located on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. This is the first of a series of journals that I’ll be publishing about my personal experiences at the JRC and its surrounding areas…

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